Saturday, June 8, 2013

Things I'm Happy About Right Now

New Running Route
Even though I live a mere five blocks from where I used to live, I'm off of a different major artery road.  So, I went exploring in my new neighborhood the other day, and it was lovely.  Unfortunately, it's a bit more hilly than my old route, but once I get used to living on the 3rd floor, that will be a piece of cake.  I've been in a running, not rut, but more routine, and it's nice to shake things up a bit.  It's also nice that I have that Garmin now, and I don't have to pre-map my run, I can just get outside and go!

Clean Apartment
Is there anything better than a clean apartment that you didn't actually have to clean?  Yes, my closet is a bit of a disaster zone and there are still more boxes lying around than I would like, but everything is currently clean and organized which makes me feel like such a grownup.  Of course, as it always does, the clutter will accumulate as will the piles of cat hair, but right now, my new digs are a shining beacon of minimalism and I love it!

Eating From the Pantry
I'm still in eat from the pantry mode and though I bought a few groceries, I'm determined not to go overboard. It really is a lot easier just buying for one, and since I've been doing a frequent inventory over the past month, I know pretty much exactly what I have.  Now I just need to remember to bring over my cutting board from the old apartment so I can finally cut up that cucumber.

Found Treasure?
BF and I went to the coinstar the other day to unload some change.  While it's always exciting to take a bag of coins and walk away with a $30 Amazon gift certificate, this particular trip was even more exciting that usual.  Next to the coinstar machine was a wheelchair that the grocery store owns, and on that wheelchair were three coinstar gift certificates for the grocery store.  I have no idea if they still have money on them, but I assume that the store would keep them if they were all cashed in? Right?  So, next time I buy groceries, I'll test them out and see if I actually found treasure, or just some litter.

Clingy Kitty
Wee Watson is adapting to the move pretty well, but he has still been rather clingy like he always gets when something changes rather radically.  He has been cuddling me in an aggressive manner lately, and I just love it.  Usually in the summer, he is rather aloof, but not lately.  Of course, he has been shedding buckets, so I look like a much more stereotypical librarian, but what can you do.
Checking out the new (clean) digs

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