Friday, June 28, 2013

Huzzah for Hoarding!

I may be trying to keep my apartment minimalist, but I have not yet managed to translate that philosophy to my car.  Since I don't have much of a commute anymore, my car is not nearly the disaster zone that it used to be, but I still cringe at the idea of how much extra fuel I'm burning hauling around two camping chairs that I use every other year... Yeah, I should get those out of there...

Anyway, losing things in the trunk of the car actually saved the day the other day.

My new tv is great, and I love it everso.  I got Hulu+ so now my life is dominated by the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge:
And (and I do feel shame at this, but still admit it) The Only Way Is Essex
So much tanning and fake boobs--it's a trainwreck
So, I'm loving my Roku and my Hulu + but I was not loving the sound quality on the new tv.  The speakers are underneath, and despite messing around with it, it was often garbled or tinny or just way too quiet depending on what I was watching.  Then I remembered that a friend had lent me computer speakers for use at a job interview a couple years ago.  Lo and behold, because they were not mine and I intended to give them back, I found them in the trunk of my car!

I plugged them in, and they work perfectly!  Now I can finally understand about half of what the people on The Only Way Is Essex are saying
Yeah, you get hooked on this stuff.


  1. Hulu+ is the jam for British shows. Pramface, Spy, Whites, The Thick of It, and my favorite (for 2 seasons) - Misfits.

    1. Whites is so great! I've been eyeballing Pramface (love the name), but thanks for the other suggestions :)

    2. Spy has the tall blond guy from Whites, if that helps :)