Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Best Free Apps!

The following is a guest post from my good friend Stephanie, who blogs (just starting out!) at Backbends and Bookends.  Since I'm still in the land of the dumb phone users, I couldn't do the Blogathon Theme Day #1, so Steph took it on for me!
Just a few of my favorite FREE apps....

Before I start, I have to make note that I don’t play a lot of games on my phone and I delete an app that has just sat on my phone unused for a month.  I don’t like clutter - even the app kind.  Here are a few that have survived the ax:  
I can always have an ebook and audiobook on my phone.  Sweet.  I have become increasingly happy with Overdrive, especially after having issues with playaways randomly stopping on me and the tediousness of putting every disc of an audiobook on the computer to put on my phone (c’mon, everyone does it....).  It’s quick, easy and I never get caught bookless.

Recent add to my phone after hubby’s library acquired Zinio.  With Zinio, you peruse through various magazines, add them to your account and get them added to your phone with every new issue.  Then you download them and enjoy.  It can be a little tricky reading an article on the phone, but Zinio has a handy “text-only” button that simply puts the article into text so you don’t have to worry about zoom in and sliding all over the place to read it.  You can purchase magazines as well, but I’ve been very happy with the selections the library has.  If your library doesn’t offer this service I would strongly encourage you to suggest it!

For years I have been wanting to brush up on my Spanish skills.  I stumbled across Duolingo and have enjoyed working through the levels and skill sets.   You get a variety of exercise types - listening, speaking, vocabulary, spelling and translating.  The vocabulary and activities is appropriate and the graphics are cute.

American Red Cross
I was taking my CPR/First Aid Certification class earlier this week, and the instructor suggested checking out their apps.  I downloaded the First Aid app and was surprised about how much information was in it.  It has basically every lesson as well as information on preparing for countless disasters and finding shelters and more.  They also have a separate earthquake, tornado, hurricane and shelter app and said they are working on more.  

This is actually my husbands favorite app and is a lot of fun if you and your friends enjoy beer.  You get a status symbol based upon how many unique beers you drink and compete with friends to see who can drink more unique label beers.  He and his friends are very competitive and enjoy discovering new unique IPA’s and the like.  

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