Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back on Track

Sorry to keep yammering on about this whole moving thing, but I think I discounted how really disruptive the whole thing was going to be. Obviously, there's the living in a new place and all the issues that go with that: where am I going to put everything? Where should I hang up my pictures?  Oh, I guess I need a bedframe and a new lamp--that kind of things.  I've got a clawfoot tub for the first time in my life, and apparently you need to know things to make showering not suck.  I've also been eating pretty strangely and not really exercising, so everything just feels off.

Now that the apartment is mostly organized and all the things I have left to sort out are smaller details, it's time to get back to taking care of myself.  Summer is the worst time of year to feel fat and my midsection has been feeling rather soft lately--not cool.

Summer Goals for getting back on track:

  1. Run at least three days a week.  I'm not going to insist on a mileage goal because I'm trying to keep it fun and running in 90 degree heat is awful.  Just having a three days a week goal in mind should be enough to motivate me, and not being dictatorial and saying: "you must run 25 miles a week" should keep me from getting petulant and cheating.
  2. Clean the apartment at least once a week.  I've been good about doing daily tasks like wiping out the bathroom sink kitchen counters, but I also want to make sure I swiffer the floors at least once a week.  Wee Watson is in his sheddingest time of year, and I fear that I'll just wake up one morning to find the kitty furballs have taken over.
  3. Stop snacking and go back to eating meals.  Now that the kitchen is organized and I've been to the grocery store, there's no excuse for having a bag of microwave popcorn for dinner.
  4. Keep up with laundry.  I'm so lazy when it comes to this, but I now have the opportunity to make in manageable.  If I just do one load a week, I should be fine.  I just need to make it part of my routine.
  5. Don't fill my house with stuff.  It's so easy to bring things into the house because you do it a few at a time and it doesn't seem hard.  What sucks, is getting it out of the house either by donating, selling or moving.  That takes so much more effort and time.  I actually have everything I need-- more than I need, so every time I feel like I do need something new, I'm really going to force myself to think it through and sleep on it before taking the plunge.


  1. Sometimes there is an excuse for having microwave popcorn for dinner...or cereal...or cheese and crackers and one too many glasses of wine. :)