Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, The Internet

I've talked before about how I don't have a smart phone because I like to be disconnected every now and then.  Well, with my recent move, I've been far more disconnected than I wanted or intended.  Since BF was paying for the internet at our old place, I haven't really had to think about it for four years.  Prior to moving, I shopped around for the best broadband provider, since some things have changed since I last internetted.  Then I just went with what I knew, and scheduled an installation for Thursday June 6th before work.

I spent the weekend moving, and then Monday and Tuesday at a conference, so I figured I'd really only have one night of no internet, since I had to be back to work Wednesday morning and could catch up on my correspondence then.  Of course, to have no home internet in the middle of a blogathon is a bit of an inconvenience, but I am resourceful!


I waited around Thursday morning, and the internet never came.  Then I checked my email and saw that they had sent me a message saying my installation was on hold and would be cancelled.

Let me repeat that: The company coming to install my internet sent me an email telling me that they weren't coming.  Ummmm, I realize that a lot of people have smart phones, but are we just assuming everyone has access to email all the time?!

So I had to get on the phone, explain the ludicrous situation, tell them that I'm aware of how this all works so I don't need to be there, and they assured me that the would come this morning.  While I was sitting at my desk, I saw a man from the internet company climbing a pole across the street.  He did his thing, whatever that was, and I still don't have internet.  Maybe he wasn't there for me.

Once of the good things about this situation, going back to the Work Perks that I was talking up the other day, my library circulates Wireless hotspots, which are little 4G devices that you plug into your computer and then hop on the wireless signal that it emits.  I told our tech guy about my predicament, and he was so horrified that he immediately lent me one for as long as I need it.  So I can still get online (otherwise it would be a very long weekend), but I still can't understand what's wrong with the people who are supposed to be taking my money in exchange for a service.

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