Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blogathon Link Love

Even though a lot of the people I'm link loving are not actually participating in the blogathon, I still like the posts they wrote.

--Mad props to Newlyweds on a Budget for kicking their house down payment savings goal's ass!  In two months, they have saved $7000 AND still done fun things.  Inspiring.

--Sarah Houghton aka The Librarian in Black, was just diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 36.  Thankfully, they caught it early, doctors are optimistic she will make a full recovery.  In the interest of people knowing more about this--just sharing information like we librarians do, she will be live tweeting her surgery on Thursday afternoon (Pacific Time).  I've long admired Sarah for her passion for her profession, her tech-savvy and her willingness to just put herself out there.  May she live forever!

--There's a new Sarah Dessen book!!  I've been waiting for this for months!  Perfect reading for this weekend of crappy weather.  Forever YA, the best review site for teen books, was spot on when they said the cover looks like a tampon ad, but I'm still super pumped.
Yup, sure does
 --I love the Non-Consumer Advocate's post The Catharsis of Decluttering.  Even though I de-cluttered aggressively before moving, I'm still finding myself looking at some of this stuff that I own and thinking why did I buy that?  Why did I keep that? However, I hope with some attractive organization, I'll be able to find a place for everything.

--June 5th was National Running Day, and, sadly, a day that I did not go for a run, but I celebrated from my chair.  Another way to celebrate this day, besides going for a run, is to say why you run (if you run).  I run because:  It's fun (usually), it makes me feel badass, it's cheap (minus getting addicted to running gear), you can do it anywhere (mostly), it's a great way to clear your head and organize your thoughts, I could go on...

--Strangely, there has been a lot of debate lately in the field of librarianship about professional dress.  Librarians often do not dress well--sensible shoes and cardigans are a staple, but I will defend cardigans to my very end!  About half the libraries I've worked in, including my present position, do not have a dress code, which can be awesome, but also a disaster.  Anyway, this is a big topic, and I think Elizabeth at Life, Love and Librarianship handled it quite well.

--One Smart Dollar sings the praises of biking to work!  We all know that driving less saves you money, but biking more regularly has far more benefit than just that.

What blogs are you loving this week?  Add the link in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! And don't worry, I love my cardigans too. I have 15+. :)