Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Goals

May is the month of Andria!  I'm determined to shake off the laziness and lameness I've been exhibiting lately and turn things around.

For my April goals, I did ok: I paid state taxes (kind of had to do that) and my emergency fund has now reached the level I wanted!  I haven't called my credit cards to demand they lower my interest rate (I hate making phone calls and am not good at demanding things), and my big spring clean is still a work in progress.

Since one of my jobs is in an academic library, my hours are being reduced a bit in May, but then I shift to summer schedule which means I get a day off each week!  Blessed Freedom! I have no idea what I'll do with all that time, but it should leave me no excuse for not meeting my May goals.

May Goals:
  1.  Do more freelance work and more writing generally.  I've fallen off the blogging wagon and haven't done any freelancing in months.  The goal is now to write one freelance article a week.  It doesn't net me a ton of money, but it's certainly helpful.  I've fallen into a rut lately where I've been watching more and more tv.  I think that's numbing me out and making me dull, so it needs to stop.
  2. Stay on budget.  I'm doing well in some categories, way over in others.
  3. Now that my emergency fund is "full" I need to shift my focus to my new retirement account.  I'll have a full update on that later, but if I'm going to start reaping the benefits of compound interest, I have to start big.
I also need to start going to the farmer's market again, but it's a bit difficult since I work every other Saturday.  There are other outdoor markets around town in the summer, so one of them is bound to work with my goofy schedule.

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