Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Money-Free Mondays?

This phrase popped into my head the other day--probably as a result of misreading something, but it got me thinking.  Is this something that anyone has ever attempted?  I've heard of meat-free Mondays, which I think is pretty excellent, but Money-Free seems a bit trickier.  I mean, what if you're running out of gas?  I'd probably skip spending on Monday and then overspend on Tuesday, but that's just me.

Anyone try this?  I think I'm just hung up on alliteration, but maybe this is a real thing?


  1. What about Money-saving Mondays, instead? Just sayin' cuz I wouldn't personally want to be Money-free.

  2. Or maybe Money-Mindful Mondays? That would set the (frugal) tone for your whole week's spending...

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  3. Frugal Fridays?
    Saving Savvy Saturdays?
    Tightwad Tuesdays? (ok just kidding on that one.)

    I always find it funny when these "financial experts" tell people to go one whole day without spending money. I do this almost every day. Unless it's a day like today where I'm purposely going out to spend money on things I need and running errands and things (I took some stuff to the post office and picked up some things for girl scouts) I don't spend money. A typical day is get up, walk dog, work work work, go home, walk dog, shower, read/watch tv/facebook/call mom/play with dog, go to bed. I eat breakfast and dinner at home and take a bagged lunch to work. Is this not normal? I thought this was what most people did?

  4. Good call. Maybe they're mostly talking to the people who get some kind of take-out food or coffee every day. Unless you're shopping as a pass time, I can't imagine why you would need to buy something every single day. I'm with you. The only time I spend money daily is when I'm on vacation.