Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home-made Frozen Novelties!

I don't know where you live, gentle reader, but in my hood, this summer has not been very summery.  As a runner who loathes running outside in 90 degree temps and 70 percent humidity, I've been as happy as can be; but as a person who needs vitamin D and sunlight... well, let's just say I've been feeling quite sluggish, and it's bringing me down.

Technically, it is summer, and what is more summery than a frozen novelty?!?!  Nothing I can think of unless you pair the joy of frozen novelties with the joy of saving money and creating less waste!  To that end, I've been concocting recipes and creating frozen treats that have helped significantly in brightening my day.

I got a recommendation from a co-worker that Tuvolo popsicle molds are where it's at--so I bought these.  Inexpensive, comes with a nice little tray--good times.  Only problem with this variety is that it's a bit wide for my delicate mouth, and it creates a treat that's overwhelming.  Perhaps I'll feel differently when it's super hot and I'm subsisting exclusively on frozen things, but right now, I need something smaller.

You'll notice that the bottom of the mold creates a mini drip tray as well, that's an excellent feature.  This isn't a commercial for popsicle molds, however, this is a chance for me to tell you the wonderful things I've frozen thus far, and which of those things made me the happiest. And for my next trick, I'm going to try a child-sized mold, which promises to create a treat that is more of a snack and less of a meal. I've ordered a set from amazon, but they haven't arrived yet.

* The first thing I did, was buy a couple boxes of instant pudding.  Delicious, easy to prepare, low-fat.  I whipped up a batch and froze it, which netted me six large frozen treats for about $1.50 or $.20 each--not too shabby.

* Next up, I mixed POM Blueberry Pomegranate juice with vanilla yogurt.  I know that POM is supposed to be good for you, at least that's what their advertising tells me, but it's far too sweet.  I'm just not a juice drinker, but mixed with yogurt= good stuff.  For this I bought a quart of Stoneyfield Farms fat-free vanilla for $3.49, and a bottle of POM for $3.99 (another reason I don't drink the stuff--oof), I used 3/4 of the yogurt to 1/4 of the POM, but honestly, adjust to your own tastes, and try a different juice as well. Whisk the two together and voila --fab and healthy!   Four treats at approximately $.75 each.  More expensive, yes, but still cheaper than the store.

* When I was fifteen, I got my first job, which was at a Dairy Queen.  This particular Dairy Queen made their own Dilly Bars and Buster Bars on site, so I spent that summer making ice cream treats.  I'm probably violating some copyright, but I never signed anything, so here's how to make your own Buster Bars.

Buy some of the small, wax-coated paper cups like the one pictured (doesn't have to be that exact one). You will also need: Fudge or chocolatey ice cream topping, vanilla ice cream, spanish peanuts, popsicle sticks and some kind of oil.  At the DQ, we used mineral oil, but you can probably use vegetable oil.  You just need to lightly coat the inside of the cup to keep the treat from sticking and getting pulled apart when you try to free it.

  1. Layer on enough spanish peanuts to cover the bottom of the cup, then layer fudge on top of that--not too too much, just a thin layer. 
  2. Let your ice cream soften a bit and whip it in a dish to make it smooth and malleable.  Scoop a healthy amount into the cup, so it's about halfway full
  3. Add another layer of peanuts and fudge
  4. Fill the cup with ice cream
  5. Freeze overnight and enjoy delicious treats for lunch!
I haven't done the math on this one yet, but it's certainly going to be cheaper than going to the store. 
Huzzah for frozen treats!


  1. Just in time for summer. Great list!!

  2. Yesssss pudding pops are the greatest. We used to make those when I was a kid. Now, I am thinking that picking up a popsicle mould might be a frugal purchase for me this summer... hmm...