Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogathon Haiku

One thing that goes along with those whole blogathon is that there are a couple theme days.  I skipped the first one--it was waaaaaaaaaay off topic, and I promised you guys that I would stick to my topic (see the About page).  The second prompt is to write a haiku, which I haven't done since high school.  I can write a haiku on the topic of frugality, right?

For those who can't remember the rules off the top of their heads a haiku is three lines, seventeen syllables, usually 5/7/5 (mine are not) and as I was taught, it's usually about nature (mine will not be about nature).

saving is key
spend less than you make
you don't need that extra latte

Student Loans suck
but I'll do my best
the education was worth it

I spend too much on clothes
this I know
but dresses make me so happy!

I love my savings account
compound interest is fab
watch it grow

So I'm not going to win any awards, but this was a rather fun exercise.  Anyone else want to take it on?  Leave me some haiku in the comments!

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