Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gas: Tank Two

This tank cost $44 as well, at 3.72/gallon.

Tuesday: Bought gas en route to work, drove to work and back home for a total of 20 miles. Average speed, 65 MPH

Wednesday: Drove to work and back 20 miles, average speed 65 MPH. It's hard to remember to slow down sometimes, but I'm doing pretty well.

Thursday: Drove to work and back 20 miles, then bf took the car across town and back 5miles. Average speed 40 MPH--there was a really bad accident on the interstate, so I did a lot of sitting.

Friday: Friday was a bad driving day.  I ended up having to go down south for a library instruction session, which was awesome, but resulted in some road rage-y driving from me as I had to cram in an errand before going to work at the other end of the state (thankfully, it's a small state).  Total miles 88, average speed was 65 MPH on the way there (I set the cruise control!), 75 MPH on the way back.

Saturday: Drove to work and back, 20 miles. Average speed 65 MPH

Sunday: Drove to work and back 30 miles. Average speed 65 MPH--this is getting a bit tedious to record...

Gas Gauge Monday before work
Monday: Drove to work and back 30 miles. Average speed 65 MPH.  Gas is definitely lasting longer, but that may be because I've done less driving.

Tuesday: I stacked all my errands so I could just make one circuit except I failed to print a correct return label and my trip to the UPS store was a waste.  No matter!  I finally dropped off DVD donations at the library, and all those clothes for the Salvation Army that have been in the trunk of my car for about a month.  I felt like such a slacker driving to the library because I run past it almost every day, but I also can't/don't want to carry 20 DVDs while on a run, so I drove.  Total: 7 miles, lots of stops and turns, but I coasted down every hill.

Drove almost to work, and had to fill up the tank--I was at about the same level as last time 1/8 tank. 12 miles total.  252 miles total, where I got 302 miles to the tank while driving like a crazy speeder.  We can say there's about a 20 mile margin of error for the times bf took the car, but even then...  Either I made a mistake somewhere, or this driving slower did me no favors at all.  Gah!  Ok, One more week of driving slowly and I will diligently record every move I make--in the car.

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