Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Waste Friday: I do not like Parsnips

This is a Food Waste Friday late edition. I thought I could make it through the week, but it turns out that I cannot.

A co-worker and I were talking the other day about roasted vegetables (it was awesome, you wish you were there).  Anyway, I was telling him that all I want to eat now that the weather is nice is vegetables: roasted, in a salad, anything, if it came from the ground, I want to sink my teeth into it.  I was particularly enraptured about some ratatouille I had made the other day.  He then started talking up the parsnip, which I had never tried before.

"They're amazing." he assured me, and then said that you can pan roast them just like any other root vegetable. Since I am such a huge fan of root vegetables, I decided to take them for a test drive.  I purchased a bag of parsnips, and added them to my next batch of ratatouille.

I admit, it was foolish to add this untried vegetable into the mix without tasting it on its own first, but my co-worker has never led me astray before!  The ratatouille was a bust, but I managed to save some of it by baking it in a frittata.  Now I just had a wrap of it for dinner (yeah, I made a lot of ratatouille), but every bite was filled with trepidation because I didn't know when I was going to bite into a hateful parsnip.  I threw away 1/2 cup of the ratatouille, and the rest of the parsnips but I will finish the frittata!

I suspect bf doesn't like parsnips either because he sampled the ratatouille, didn't say anything and then made something else for dinner.  I'm never making this mistake again.


  1. I find parsnips work well in any soup that also includes carrots, and they cook for just slightly longer. They make a good addition to pea soup, too.

    I haven't had them fried, though. Too bad about the ratatouille!

  2. I love Parsnips, especially in a great soup.