Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh dear, it's a Blogathon

I've done something a bit drastic, but in the spirit of keeping May Goal #1, I've signed on for the 2011 Word Count Blogathon!  What this means, is that I will be blogging ever day for the month of May.  Good thing I have a cache of ideas I haven't acted on, or you might be forced to read a list of my thoughts on breakfast cereal or varieties of hummus.  That sounds so dull, I certainly wouldn't want to write it, much less subject my lovely readers to it, though I can't promise that the month won't end that way...

Challenge (issued to myself) accepted.  And if anyone has anything they're dying for me to tackle--send it along to findmefrugal [at]


  1. Good luck! I'm doing this in May as well. I find that blogging everyday has me always looking out for good ideas, which makes every day very interesting.

    And you can always just do a "link love" post when you are out of content.