Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moneywise Monday

I invented a new regular feature!  Except I'm not quite sure how it should work, so I'm putting it to the readership.

For Moneywise Monday would you like to see:
  1. A story of my biggest money success from the past week, and then people can share their own successes and set us up with a positive attitude for the coming week?
  2. A rundown of upcoming weekly expenses and how to potentially make them less expensive?
  3. Something to do with frugal recipes?
  4. Something else?
  5. None of the above?
  6. Scrap the whole thing, it's far too cute-sounding?
It would be fun to come up with something a bit interactive, like Food Waste Friday, but I'm scratching my head a bit right now.  I mean, I came up with the name (based on help from commenters) I can't do everything!  I'm only so creative!

What say you, readers?


  1. Love the title and #1. It's one thing to tell someone how to be frugal/money-conscious. It's another to show them. Show me! I would be tuning in every Monday.

  2. The best ideas I've gotten about saving money or doing most anything else came from stories about first-hand experiences. I like No. 1. Saturday is my "money-organizing day," but I'll tune in on Mondays to see what you're suggesting.

  3. Agreed, Tia - #1 and we can all be money-wise together. Remember the old saying "All of us is smarter than one of us."

    Will you have folks email you their moneywise hints so that you can blog them Monday by Monday, or just have them in comments?

    Would be especially good if it hit long-term strategies more often than "great deals I bought this week" since those deals will be past by the time you post on Mondays. Oldies-but-goodies will still be new to some of us.

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  4. I think just having them in the comments should give it a more conversational feel, but anyone who wants to email in ahead of time is certainly welcome to! We can do a little of both.

    Ooh, I like this collaborating :)

  5. I'd go with #1 as well. Stories bring connection. Connection brings learning. Plus, #1 sounds interesting and productive.

  6. Number 1 sounds fun :)

  7. I like both, but I could see #1 exploding around the blogosphere. :)