Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Waste Friday: A Sad Mango

I do not know how to cut a mango.  Sure this is something I could probably learn if I went online and read up on it, but I haven't ever done that because my bf knows how to cut mangoes and I'd rather let him do it.  Trouble is, he doesn't take the initiative, but rather, waits for me to tell him to cut the mango, and then says something like "I don't think it's good anymore."

I also don't know when mangoes are officially spoiled.  Do they get soft? They don't seem to change colors...

I'm rather upset about this food waste, not just because I wasted food, but because I wanted to eat a delicious mango!



  1. That mango looks just fine in the picture, so I'd cut it and see what it looks like inside.

    I peel mine with a paring knife and then kind of hack away at it in a most unceremonious manner. And then I gnaw the remaining mango off the core, which always necessitates a flossing session.

  2. I have floss! I will make the attempt...

  3. Fount of all wisdom that I am (set your sarcasm meter on low, please), I cut the mango lengthwise on either side of the pip. Then I take those two sides and score a grid pattern through the flesh, not the skin, then turn it inside out and pop the pieces off.

    Then I hack and gnaw at the side pieces left on the pip.

  4. I like that you both suggest gnawing--that makes it all a ot less intimidating :)

    I need to stop being intimidated by produce...

  5. I peel them and put them in smoothies. Banana mango smoothie...mmmmm.

  6. Just be a touch careful handling the skin, or getting it near your lips. Some of us unfortunate folk are allergic to the oil in the mango skin, and only find out the hard way after gnawing. Yes, I regularly beg others to cut up my mangoes, or I use gloves.

  7. I see this is an old post that I've stumbled upon, so maybe you have figured out how to cut a mango by now, but I wanted to share this awesome video with you that I watched last week (after buying a whole box of mangoes, I had to figure out a better method of cutting them- they used to frustrate me so much!)