Friday, April 29, 2011

Avoiding a Food Waste Friday

Food Waste Friday is something that a lot of bloggers participate in.  Basically, you take a picture of any food waste you've had over the course of the week, and post it on your blog.  The idea is that forcing yourself to be more aware of food that you've wasted by taking a picture of it, and the shame of publicly announcing "I'm throwing away money in the form of wasted food" will make you waste less food.  It makes sense.

I rarely participate in Food Waste Friday not because I never waste food, but because I had a lousy camera.  Also, most of the food wasted in this house is not my food, but bf's.  I harp on him to eat his leftovers (or at least if he's not going to, to throw them away so I don't have to), but nothing changes except his level of annoyance and my frustration with sounding like an angry fishwife.

This week, I'm not participating in Food Waste Friday because I've saved some food that may have otherwise gone to waste!  I had half a container of grape tomatoes that were starting to get a bit wrinkly and sad-looking.  I did throw away four that looked beyond saving, but the others I roasted in the oven with a dash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, and now I have delicious roasted tomatoes that are marvelously sweet and that I will add to bf's leftover pasta for tomorrow's dinner!
Look at those happy little fellows roasting away!  They are delicious, and I'm very excited about eating them. Also, in the future, I may use this technique before my tomatoes start to go bad, and make a delicious oven-roasted tomato hummus or pesto.  Stay tuned for that.

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