Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gas: Tank One

This tank of gas cost $44 at $3.71/gallon. That was a horrible feeling, for sure. I decided that in this little experiment, to be more accurate, I'm going to calculate the miles driven on this tank, and then once I adjust my driving habits, see if I can squeak out a few extra miles.

Monday: Bought gas, and drove 20 miles, mostly highway, average speed 75 MPH.

Tuesday: Drove to work and home again for a total of 29.3 miles--average speed 75 MPH

Wednesday: Drove to work and ran errands afterward for a total of 30 miles 1/2 highway 1/2 in town. Average highway speed 75 MPH, Average town speed 40 MPH.

Gas gauge Thursday morning

Thursday: Drove to work and back 30 miles, average speed 75 MPH

Friday: Drove to work and back 30 miles, average speed 75 MPH

Gas gauge Saturday morning

Saturday: Drove to Wakefield, RI for my first race of the season! 63 miles, average speed 65MPH--it was dry on the way down, but pouring on the way back.

Sunday: Drove to Bristol and back to drop off bf for Easter hoopla, then drove to and from work for a grand total of 60 miles. Average speed to Bristol, 50 MPH, average sped to work, 75 MPH. Gas gauge is dropping like a stone.

Monday: Drove to work and back--30 miles.

Tuesday: Drove almost to work, filled up my tank along the way-- 9 miles.

I did a bit more driving than usual this past week, which is why my tank only lasted eight days. I managed to eke out 302 miles on almost one whole tank of gas--12 gallons, so that's about $.16 per gallon. With this new tank, I'm going to drive slower, and put some more air in my tires. I also need an oil change, but I'm not sure I'll have time for that this week. Let's see if these suggested changes make a big difference in gas consumption, or if I just spend more time in the car on the way to work.

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