Friday, April 1, 2011

Clean Slate

March is not a month I'm proud of, but it's officially over, and I can start over with a new attitude and a new budget sheet. I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm just going to do the best I can.

As far as my March goals, my big one was to eat from the pantry. That was actually pretty successful. Before I went to the grocery store yesterday, the fridge was down to 1/2 a carton of milk and condiments--I really should have cleaned it while it was so empty, but I totally didn't. So I now have a fridge full of delicious food, a new recipe to try, and a clear-headed optimism that spring is finally coming--despite the fact that it snowed again yesterday.

In the month of March, I completely overspent on clothes, but my other categories were pretty good. The misc category was high because I had to buy a plane ticket, but thankfully my scholarship covered that (conference attendance); food category is under budget by about $75, and since it has been milder outside, we're been using the space heater less= savings on the electric bill. Of course, I spent $167 in the past month on gas for my car, which makes me feel sick.

Also, when I was at the grocery store yesterday, I really noticed some price increases. Were Cheez-its always $3.69 a box? I don't think they were, I would have noticed that. Well, I've been meaning to cut down on my Cheez-it consumption anyway... grumble.

April goals:
  1. This is the last month before I have to start repaying my student loans and I would really like my savings account to be at what I've deemed "full" before that starts.
  2. I still need to do my state taxes.
  3. I'm going to call my credit cards and demand that they lower my interest rates. Somehow, through no fault of mine, the rate on my Visa crept from 9.9% to nearly 17%. I've never had a late payment with them, and my credit score is exemplary, so an interest rate of 17% is offensive to me. It doesn't really matter since I never carry a balance, but it's the principle!
  4. I need to do a thorough spring clean and organization. I've been doing this in stages because I'm lazy and it's an unpleasant task, but I need to just rip the band-aid off.
Whew! I feel good, honestly. I'm back on the wagon.

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  1. I saw your comment on 'suddenly frugal' about a code the nets you a bonus ($25 or $50) - I think w/ ING? - for banking. I don't know how to send an email to you to try & get that info, so I'm posting this here. And what's w/ the 'select profile' here? I don't know what it means; yeah, call me stupid....