Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

I just got back from my semi-frugal minibreak, and I will post pictures soon, but we're currently without power.  It's going to be a sad Food Waste Friday because we got home around 8pm last night and emptied out the fridge into the garbage can.

I'm feeling a bit Dickensian today, and am actually looking forward to reading by candlelight after work and making an evening meal of oatmeal and/or ramen noodles.  Thankfully, we can still use the stove and the water heater is gas powered, so we have that too.  I was frantically texting people on the ride home asking for a place to shower for this morning (and possibly the next few mornings), but that's not necessary!

It was strange to read by flashlight and candle light before bed last night, and even stranger not to have the sound of the air conditioner or fan running while I was sleeping.  Driving back into the city at dusk was odd too because there are pockets of blackout all over the place and some sections of street light are out as well.  Everything just feels very still and strange, but the visible damage for us wasn't too bad.  It's mostly just the power outages and a lot of tree limbs everywhere.  So I'm going to see if there are any more candles to buy, and spend my night cozied up with a book and my cat and maybe a card game or two--frugal times!

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