Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charitable Saving

I drink a lot of coconut water.  Even though I'm a runner, I hate sports drinks.  I used to force myself to drink Gatorade, but I can't stand the taste (or the excessive/ alarming colors), so I needed something else to help me hydrate during and after long runs.  Turns out coconut water is not only tastey, but a very good sports drink.  The only problem is that it comes in small, expensive bottles.

In an effort to save both money and packaging, I've started ordering the large cartons from amazon.  It's way cheaper than paying $2/ 14oz bottle, and it creates less waste.  When I was placing an order the other day, I ran into that conundrum where I needed to spend an additional $.06 in order to get free shipping, but there was nothing else I needed or even wanted to buy.  I used to have a list of inexpensive items I could add to orders to get to the minimum amount for free shipping, but that list was empty!  What to do!?!?

I whined about it on facebook, and a helpful friend told me about this:  It's a list of inexpensive items--that you can use to reach the $25 mark and get free shipping!  Genius!  If you look at it, you'll see that it's mostly brackets and other household hardware-type stuff that I certainly don't need, but I did find this:
Fun colors!
Pencil-top erasers aren't anything I need in my life, but we certainly could use them at the library.  So there you go, I save $6 on shipping, and the library gets erasers to lend out to patrons instead of just lending them an eraserless pencil and explaining that that's all we have (seriously, those erasers never last).


  1. Clever method for making your money go further!
    And these are great to donate for school supply drives, too.

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  2. Smart!

    I live in the tropics, so every once in a while I purchase a coconut at the markets to drink. I love coconut water and once I finish I return and they cut up by coconut so I can get to the soft immature flesh. Yum!

    I have a couple of friends (40yrs plus!) who can climb trees. I should pay them to climb and get me a few down to drink :-)