Friday, August 26, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Bunzzzz

I'm a little proud of myself today.  Not the kind of robust pride that comes with a no food waste week, but the kind of hey, I've got a little ingenuity pride.  I wandered into the kitchen this morning and saw this:

Out damn spot!
 I knew that we weren't eating the hot dog buns quickly enough, but I did not expect mold already.  Since the mold was only on the top of two buns, I removed those and popped the rest in the freezer.  Then I made this:
1/2 hot dog bun breakfast PB&J!  Yum!
Not only have I started my day with the most important meal, but I avoided some waste!  Huzzah!  Total waste this week: Two hot dog bun tops and a teeny bit of basmati rice.  Not too shabby.


  1. I love PB&J hot dog buns! We usually have to eat them that way too, or else they go bad way too quickly. Way to save a bit of them from molding.

  2. So this is a constant debate in our house: Do you put your hot dog buns in the fridge until use? I argue that this helps keep them unmoldy longer, but I need someone to either debunk me or back me up haha

  3. @Femmefrugality

    Usually, when I buy hot dog buns, I buy hot dogs enough for the both of us (mine are veggie, his beef), and we're so excited to have hot dogs that the buns never last and do not need to be refrigerated. In this case, I forgot to buy 'His' hot dogs and only got 'Hers', which was our downfall.

    So, unfortunately, I don't have a solid answer for you. Usually we leave them out, and I monitor the situation. Once they've been sitting out a while, and depending on how damp it is, I may pop them into the freezer, but never the fridge. That when, you can put them on the Forman grill and they taste just as good. Fridge bread is always so dry, but when you put it in the freezer, it generally comes out ok.