Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Think the Insanity Has Stopped...?

I've always found this woman annoying,
while at the same time envying her cheekbones.
I've been hiding from you, my personal finance blog.  I've been hiding my head in the sand of too much online shopping, but I think I've finally come back to earth (just in time to mix metaphors).  I just made a to-do list and it includes:
  1. Bring ModCloth returns to Post Office
  2. Affix label to other return box from Modcloth and ship
  3. Bring Athleta returns to UPS
  4. Bring Old Navy return to Old Navy store.
  5. Go to grocery store and buy eggs
Frankly, I'm sick of returning things, but I also want my money back for the clothes I don't want to keep, so I have to make all these stops.  Turns out that online shopping can be just as exhausting as going to stores!  Plus, I found out that stupid Athleta lets you print out a "free" return label, but then charges you $6 to return things by mail.  Unfair, I say!

Serves me right for thinking my life is active enough to require a skort.  I don't golf, I don't play tennis, I don't need this skort even though it is purple.  I'm a librarian!  It's a sedentary profession!  The $6 is a penalty fee for my own silliness.

Deep cleansing breath.

My work bender is winding to a close, which should give me more free time, which should make me less petulant and which will give me time to root through my closet and come up with outfit combinations for the falltime.  I need to find a healthier way to act out when I feel like I'm working too much.  Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Oooh, but did you see the suggested Merril hiking boots on the skort page?

  2. I don't hike! Ha! Nice try, temptress!

  3. Bluuuurgg, I hate returning things, too. So good for you for jumping through the hoops to do it! I bet companies make it unappealing to return stuff as a make-money thing.

    Also: I fully support returning the skort. Nobody needs a skort, especially librarians. Even the word is awful. *shudders*

  4. It's troubling, because on the Athleta site, they show all these cute, young girls wearing these casually hip outfits and going to the Farmer's Market etc. But then when these clothes arrive at my house and I put them on, I realize that they make me look almost like a middle-aged mommy running around in something slightly different than yoga pants. I won't be fooled again!