Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Frugal Birthday Girl

My name is not Sophie, but how cute!
Today is my 32nd birthday, but I tend not to make a big deal of birthdays because now that I'm getting older, they're a bit less sexy than they used to be, and because I hate gift-giving just for the sake of gift-giving rather than for the sake of just wanting to give a gift.

But I know, I'm weird in that.

A friend actually noted last year that I'm the only person she's ever met who consistently gives her gifts on my birthday.

I've just always chafed against anything that seems obligatory rather than genuine.  I don't care for New Year's Eve because it seems like there's too much pressure to have THE BEST NIGHT EVER!  And certainly that's probably not going to happen, and then there's inevitable disappointment.  I tried to have the best night ever for the millenium New Year's Eve.  I purchased tickets for the Millenium House Party in Ottawa Ontario, which featured two of my favorite bands at the time: Our Lady Peace and Moist.  We got the platinum passes (there were gold, silver and platinum), which allowed us all access to every level of the venue plus some extra perks.  We booked flights and got a room at the Day's in of Kanata, ONT.

Our Lady Peace!  Raine Maida's teeth are amazing.

Then when we landed and went through customs, the customs agent said, "The Millenium House Party?  I read that was canceled."

We ignored this obviously ill-informed person and hailed a cab to the hotel.  When we told the cabbie why we were in town, he said, "The Millenium House Party? That's been canceled."  Then he showed us a newspaper that confirmed this.  So I spent my millenium with my bestie at a Day's Inn in the middle of the snowy frozen north.  We were so far out in the suburbs (but close to the venue!) that the cab to get to the hotel cost $40, so we couldn't even afford to go back to Ottawa to go exploring, and the only things within walking distance were a grocery store, an IKEA that was closed for the holiday weekend and a liquor store.  So we drank and watched order-in movies.

It is perhaps because of this that I don't get super worked up about holidays or birthdays.  Or maybe this incident has nothing to do with it.  Put another way, it's not the day that matters, it's the spirit!

In the spirit of celebration and having FOUR WHOLE DAYS OFF in a row, Bf and I are going once again to the great frozen north, this time to New Brunswick, and it should be more temperate this time of year.  So I'll be away for a few days cooling my heels in the Bay of Fundy.  Back soon with pictures and stories of frugal(er) times!

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  1. Happy birthday! Have fun on your trip even if it isn't THE BEST TRIP EVER. :)