Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Internet is Magic

  • I like this post from The Everyday minimalist very much: You don't need to own everything to enjoy it.  As a librarian, clearly this speaks to me, but as someone who is constantly trying to reduce clutter, it's nice to remember that you can borrow more than books!  Just look at this list of tools and other items available to borrow in my town!  Granted, this is not my neighborhood, but I could join for $5 and borrow a rake, lawnmower or gazebo!  $5+ lending fee = much cheaper than buying my own gazebo.  The libraries in my state also lend fishing poles, cake and candy molds, museum passes and a telescope.  Borrowing rules!
  • This seems really strange:  "A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that seeing someone else in an outfit has a strong influence over customers who have a negative body image."  Apparently people have such low self-esteem that they won't buy clothes after seeing them on an attractive person.  Does that make me vain because I see someone wearing something and think I want to wear that!?
  • Librarians both write and read a lot of book reviews--this list speaks to me on several levels.

Reverse Grafitti!

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  1. That's not weird. I see clothes on girls all the time and think: OMG if I could just buy that dress off her back...

    Thanks for the link back :) This is The Everyday Minimalist btw