Monday, August 22, 2011

Genius or Madness?

House shaped like a pig!!
My Smartypig iPod fund is plumping nicely, and while I was on the site the other day, I started thinking about what else I should be saving for.  Presently, I have a Roth IRA, an emergency savings fund, a travel fund and a running fund (to avoid that OMG it's summer racing season why do I have no money?!?!) situation.  Read this blog if you don't remember.  I have pretty much all of my bases covered, but as it seems like all of my friends are buying property these days, and I may one day get over my fear of boilers and roof replacement, I started thinking I should start a house fund.

Trouble is, though my intentions are golden, I really don't have that much extra money, I just really like having a savings goal.  So I started a "property" fund, to which I am contributing $25/ month.  Is this lunacy?  Is this sensible?  I honestly have no idea when/ if I'll ever be able to buy property, certainly I'll have to get a full-time job first, but I figure it can't hurt to have a little bit of cash on hand, right?

For those who have bought property, is this a good way to go?  Or am I just so desperate to plump a smartypig piggy that I've gone over the edge?  My new little guy is over in the sidebar showing a 0% savings, which makes me feel a bit tragic.  But I've already made $.01 in interest this month!  Take that... the man!  Note: I don't really know if I'm mad at the man, but I must be--we all are, right?

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