Friday, May 18, 2012

An Ode To My Comb

I realized something the other day.  I was just out of the shower, reaching for my wooden comb, and I realized that I have had this one comb since I was 14 years old.

I realize that probably most people don't replace their combs that often, but I have had this one comb for 18 years.  Prior to this, I had one other comb, which was the plastic pink kind with the painted tips (think the kind that you would keep in your caboodle), and I only got rid of that because the paint was starting to chip off.

I know it's kind of lame, but I take a tremendous amount of comfort in this.  I probably paid $5 for this comb, which was most likely a significant sum for me at the time, and unless I lose it, I can probably use it for the rest of my life.  There is nothing I like more than things that last, and I guess having really fine hair pays off in the long run!

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  1. My mom has a brush that I got for FOURTH GRADE. That thing has really held up! It doesn't have thick bristles though, so it's easy to wash. :D