Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogathon Haiku

It's that time again!  You've been waiting all year for more personal finance haiku (I imagine).  First, a refresher on the rules of haiku--17 syllables, usually three lines of five syllables, then seven, then five.

I love to ride my bicycle
Uphill to work
Then all downhill to my home

My landlord planted grass
Now we have a small yard
I will dine al fresco

Two men play chess
On a table in front of my library
Love it

The good life is cheap
Just don't get caught up
You have everything you need

Anyone else want to make an attempt?


  1. Not one, but four haikus! Go, go!

  2. Well, they're pretty short ;) That makes it easier.

  3. Wonderful! I love the last one. It really speaks to my goals for the year. It's pretty incredible how much 'needing' crap eats up. =D

  4. Impressive! I'll have to give it some thought...I don't think I've written a haiku since the 1980s!