Sunday, May 6, 2012

Money Smart Week

I had a pretty good week spending/savingwise despite the fact that I went out to eat four times (that's insane!  How did that happen?).  For my Money Smart Week, I'm just going to reflect on the things I did in the past week with my money that were smart.

  1. Shared an entree and appetizer at BYOB restaurant.  One of my favorite restaurants in Providence is a place that doesn't have a liquor license, so they allow you to bring in your own beer.  They also have a delicious menu full of vegetarian and vegan options, and they're right next to my house!  Whenever my friend Hailie and I go there, we always split the food and still wind up with leftovers.  Plus, buying a six pack of beer from the liquor store saves easily at least $10.
  2. Reduced car insurance.  Since my car is seven years old, and I don't drive it nearly as much as I used to, I decided to reduce my coverage from collision to just liability.  This makes me slightly nervous because Rhode Island drivers are some of the worst I've ever encountered, but since my car is only worth about $4000, it just didn't make sense to keep paying $1200/year in insurance.  Cutting down to just liability saves me a cool $400 per year.
  3. Avoided Target.  Job #2 is near a Target store that I drive past both coming and going.  I have just enough time between jobs that I can make a quick Target run for things like toilet paper and other necessities.  Somehow though, every time I step into that store, even with a list, I manage to walk away with far more than I intended.  This week, even though I had some good coupons, I just said no.
  4. Saved!  I finally managed to sock away some money in my savings account, my travel fund and my IRA.  I paid off that niggling small balance on my Amex (I wasn't not paying it off each month, but it just seemed like I always owed about $300), set aside enough for the utility bils that show up at the beginning of each month, and moved the rest into savings!
  5. Free Theatre on Friday.  One of the local theatres drops off posters of their upcoming shows for us to hang in the library.  The last two times, he's also given us a voucher for two free tickets!  On Friday, we went to see 1984, which was awesome.
  6. Free food on Sunday.  Sunday is my first half marathon of the season, and it's also a great chance to get some free food after the race.  Yes, technically, I paid for the food with my registration fees, but I still make it a point to eat as much as I can--and drink my free beer.  I'm usually not even that hungry after a race, but I shove at least four pieces of pizza down my throat and smuggle out as much other stuff as I can carry.  I earned it, damnnit!
13 miles is a long run!  I need sustenance!
So far, the month of May is totally awesome!  How did you do this week?  Any super awesome money smart moves you want to brag about?

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  1. This sounds silly, but I do online surveys that pay in gift cards that I use to feed my reading habit. It doesn't cover it all, but covers about a tenth of it. Which is better than nothing, right!

    Keep blogging!