Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long Weekend Link Love

Hopefully, no one out there is actually reading this.  I hope you're either at the beach, having a picnic or doing any number of other Memorial Day-type activities.  My plans?  Books, writing and spring cleaning.  I live right on the edge, people!

It's also graduation weekend here in my hood, which means that the city is full of out-of-towners who can't navigate Providence's ridiculous streets and who were apparently never told that it's impossible to find parking. I almost got squished my a minivan from Maryland when I was biking home last night!  In honor of these proud parents, here is a commencement address that Neil Gaiman made recently.  It's a bit long (of course) but well, well worth listening to--twice.

Annabelle, over at Shopping Detox, has been systematically going through her lipstick collection and wearing a difference color for each day of May.  While I think it's a bit insane that she has that much lipstick (not in a judgey way),  I think this is a really good way to do a bit of inventory and figure out what you own that you don't really need.   Now she knows what colors look good in the tube, but not on her, and now I have the idea that I should do this is my closet...
This frightens me a bit, but I only own one lipstick--from 2001

Since no one is reading this anyway, but if you are you clearly need a cocktail--here's a massive collection of drinks recipes from Food Network.
What is it about drinking out of a jar that looks so refreshing?
Happy memorial weekend!!

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  1. I read...I like cocktails...and thanks for posting the Neil Gaiman speech! I meant to watch it earlier and completely would have forgotten had you not reminded me about it.