Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bit Of A Rant

Sorry to but a buzzkill, but I am thoroughly vexed, and I need to whine for a moment.

I've mentioned before that I work for a pretty broke library.  A lot of public libraries are broke these days, and, thankfully, we're not threatened with closure or anything like that, but there's not really any extra money in the budget and there is talk of rolling layoffs if the city cuts our budget.

This is why it shocks me to no end that as soon as it got warm outside, it got freezing cold inside the library.  It's not just that I sit around a lot and get a chill, it is painfully cold--meat locker-esque, and for a place where people don't really move around a lot, it just doesn't make sense.

To counter the incredible cold, and keep from getting sick, my co-worker and I have three space heaters, and I'm contemplating buying leg warmers.  The temperature at work also makes biking/walking to work difficult as I get warm when I'm out in the 80 degree weather, but then I need to bundle up as soon as I get inside.

I've talked to the guys from facilities, and they adjusted the temperature once, but it's still face-freezingly cold.  Apparently the temperature readout was a normal temperature, but my bottle of water stays deliciously cold all day, so I suspect that readout is inaccurate.  The patrons are uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, and it seems like an incredible waste of energy--because it is.

If this is what it's like when it's only 72 degrees out, what the hell is going to happen in July?!?!?  Will I need to bring in my puffy coat?!?!?  I know leveling out the temperature may not be a significant cost savings, but we need every penny--why spend it preserving me like a popsicle!?!?

End rant.


  1. Such a good point, especially in these times of budget cuts. Do they give you any reasoning? I'm at a loss to come up with why they might do that, and I consider myself a creative thinker. ;-)

  2. Apparently the HVAC system is too big for the building, or something like that, that's what the custodian told me. I work in the old part of the building, with a marble staircase behind me that makes everything even colder; but the new part of the building is more temperate (but still cold). I sometimes go over there just to warm up a bit.

    What kills me, is when I get there in the morning and the cooling system has been resting overnight, the temperature is perfect! Over the course of the day it just gets colder and colder until closing time when I just want to run away.

  3. My suggestion to them would be to crank it up in the morning and turn it off by lunchtime. I'm sure the coldness would carry you through the day, and might even warm up to an acceptable level of frigid. ;-)

  4. Where did you get the picture of the frozen library?

  5. Just a google image search for frozen library :)