Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I Learned From Last Week's Farm Share

It's time for me to pick up farm share #2, and I actually did pretty ok with share #1, but there are some things I need to be careful of for the future.

  1. Apparently farm-fresh veggies don't last as long as store-bought?  I left my turnips and radishes sitting out for a couple days, and the radishes got all soft and squishy before I could use them.  I had also been hoping to use the turnip greens in a soup, but they were completely wilted and sad.  So that was a total bummer because I was really looking forward to pickled radishes and turnip soup!
  2. Garlic scapes have more scent than flavor.  I took four garlic scapes this week, and used the first one in a kale stir fry.  I sliced it lengthwise, then chopped it up, because that's what the internet told me to do, and even though I could smell garlic scape on my hands for days, I couldn't really taste in my stiry fry.  Second round, I made a white bean and kale soup using three garlic scapes.  Blandest soup ever.  I had some for dinner last night, and it just tastes like nothing--and I made a whole pot.  Guess what I'm having for lunch today!
  3. I'm as intimidated by joi choi as I am bok choi.  The newsletter said that this veggie is "great for braising." Well, that threw me into a panic as I have never braised anything!  Don't people usually braise meat?  Joi Choi is still sitting in the crisper.
Other than those issues, first week is a moderate success.  I just have to remember to pop everything in the fridge right away, which is a bit of an issue this week because our fridge is currently dying i.e. not making things cold.  But I'm going out of town this weekend, so my farm share partner will be taking most of the food.  If I do get more radishes though, I'm pickling them right away!

Any suggestions on the joi choi?

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  1. Try this:
    I used this as a base to make stirfry not too long ago and it was really good. I'm pretty sure you can substitute joi choi for it...big assumtion, but I'd do it.