Friday, June 26, 2015

Five Frugal Things

Things have been quiet on the frugality front here recently, mostly because we just haven't been very frugal.  Long story short, the fiance and I have been living on one income, under a fair bit of stress, but now things are finally starting to turn back around!  As we're currently readjusting, I'm trying to be sensible about spending, and am a bit pleased with the restraint I've been showing.  So here is a mini pat on the back for me in the form of Non-Consumer Advocate's Five Frugal Things:

1. We moved into a much larger apartment recently, which means that our rent increased.  Fiance has a new job, but didn't start until about a month after we moved.  Despite the vast empty space and the desire to feel completely settled, I have not made a trip to IKEA to buy things to fill it up.  Instead, I've made a couple trips to thrift stores, and have been trolling craigslist for used items.

2. Along the same lines, we now have a balcony and need items to put on it. In particular, fiance, being a guy, immediately wanted a grill.  He was watching craigslist and sending emails to people when he say a curb alert for a free grill.  He managed to get there first and he had the foresight to bring a screwdriver which meant he could dismantle in and fit it in the car while other people kept driving by wondering if the grill was still there.  One tank of propane, a set of grill tools, and a good scrubbing and we have the ability to cook outdoors!

3. The weather today is perfect--warm but not hot, low humidity.  I shut off the a/c and opened the windows.  Our new place is two levels, and the upstairs is getting a lovely breeze, while the downstairs remains cool due to a concrete floor.

4. We have ceiling fans for the first time in YEARS.  I love them, they are perfect at keeping the place cool and not stuffy.

5. While moving, we were able to re-use all of that bubble wrap I acquired to insulate my windows in the old place.  I love being able to re-purpose things!