Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monthly Check In

It has been a somewhat frantic July, which was very unexpected for me.  Being an academic librarian, I was told that summers are slow and relaxed, people take vacation, and it's quiet and peaceful in the library for once.  It may be because I slept the entire month of June, but I feel like I've been frantically playing catch up all of July.

I'm teaching a summer school class, which is three hours a week.  This is awesome because I'm team teaching with someone who is really cool and we get along well; it's extra money since I'm technically an adjunct for another department on campus; and we got a great group of kids who I am very proud of.  But man, is it exhausting.

We had a syllabus and a vague idea of the lesson plan starting out, but then we realized that our particular group of students seem a lot smarter than we anticipated.  I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say, but these are all students who have been identified as "at risk", and we were told repeatedly to keep things really basic.  Then we got a group of geniuses and panicked about our course being too easy!

So yeah, this class is pretty much all I'm thinking about right now, which is proof I made the right decision in not becoming a full time professor--if I'm exhausted teaching 1/2 on one class, I could not handle doing four at once.

In addition to that, BF (now fiancee) is planning on moving into my place next month, so we're slowing siphoning his stuff over and trying to figure out where it's all going to fit.  He's frantically trying to finish his dissertation and apply for jobs, so I may be the sole wage earner for the foreseeable future.  Since I'm pretty much breaking even right now, that's a pretty scary thing, but we'll get through it--cause we have no choice!  Hopefully he'll come around to my frugal ways and also get a job somewhere close by--cross your fingers!