Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Long List of Grievances

I've been noticing small things lately that just seem stupid, wasteful and designed to irk me.  Sometimes I fell like the internet actually does have the power to influence change, so instead of just clenching my teeth and complaining inside my head, I'm actually going to list out a few things I've noticed recently.  i'm sure nothing will change, but I'll probably feel better--and I encourage you to vent your grievances as well!

Grievance #1
Car insurance is due June 6th.  I know this.  I've had the same car insurance company for nearly seven years, and my insurance is due the 6th of June and the 6th of December.  The lovely people at Progressive send me a reminder bill about a month before it is due, which includes my new insurance card, details of my policy, and the payment coupon in case I want to mail in my bill.  I mentally note this, put something in m calendar, and pay it on the day it's due.  After all, there's no bonus points for paying it early, and I usually put it on my credit card so I can get points and then just pay it off right away.


After that first bill, Progressive then sends me about five more reminders--all multiple sheets of paper, reminding me that my bill is due soon.  They also seems to send me half a dozen of the little laminated cards, and I wind up tucking them in my purse, car, coat pocket, etc.  I know it's good to have more than one, but how many do I really need?  This is all wasteful and unnecessary, and they also send me email reminders, so all total, they tell me about fifteen times that my car insurance needs to be renewed.  I don't mind the emails, but knock it off with the paper.

My other beef with Progressive is that when I want to login to their online system to pay my bill, I'm expected to remember a completely ludicrous username comprised of numbers, letters and dashes.  I never remember this username, so I need to reset my password, which allows me to sign in with my account number (like I should be able to just do anyway).  It's just dumbassery at it's finest, and it wastes a lot of my time.

Grievance #2
I've had a contract with Sprint for my cell phone for about eight years.  I don't really like them, but I also don't pay a huge amount of money, don't care about my phone and don't have the mental fortitude to shop around.  I have the bill set to autopay through my American Express card, and I just scratch the headache of dealing with phone stuff off my list.


I want them to email me my bill instead of sending me the monthly packet of stuff that they like to send out, but every time I change my preferences to email only, they send me a series of frantic text messages saying my email doesn't work.  It's the same address I've had for forever, and I know it works because it's my primary mode of communication.  I don't know why sprint thinks they're getting blocked, I get the confirmation email from them saying I'm enrolled in e-bill, but whenever they get that message, they change me back to paper bill delivery (I hate paper), and it's such a waste!.

Grievance #3
I don't get the new obsession that the internet seems to have with macaroons and whoopie pies.   Sure, they photograph well, but they just don't look very appetizing to me.  I tried a whoopie pie a while back--a home-made one, because I'd heard people go on and on about them, and it left me decidedly underwhelmed and sticky of finger.  Explain this obsession, please, because I just do not get it.

I prefer cupcakes.

Grievance #4
Facebook scrabble re-did its board and it sucks!  It takes forever to load, there are not youtube-type ads where you have to watch for a while before you can click out, the board doesn't fit properly on my computer screen and when you first log in, you get this notice saying '89 of your friends are not playing scrabble, invite them!' But you can't click away from it!  You either have to refresh the page, or wait like a full minute for it to go away. Anyone want to play Words With Friends with me?


  1. How can you say they don't "look appetizing"? You can't see the taste :)

    Try macarons. Pistachio ones are great for me.

  2. Food Network has taught me that you eat with your eyes first, and those colors just seem so unnatural! I do like pistachio flavored things though...