Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 for 2011

I wasn't planning on doing a list of the top ten posts for the year, but when I looked at what they were, I found it so bizarre that I had to share.

  1. Blogathon Haiku-- This was a post that I did as part of last years' May Blogathon.  There were a few theme days, and I ignored most of them, but haiku is so short I couldn't pass this one up! Apparently, people really like it?  I feel like something is off here, but it has double the hits of the next-highest post, so go figure.
  2. The Awkward Side of Frugality-- This makes more sense to me as this is one of my favorite posts as well.  This one was suggested to me by a friend who had just been 'invited' to take a $3000 European vacation.  Umm, no.
  3. Could I Live on Minimum Wage-- My first-ever Blogher Featured Post!!  I wrote this less than two months ago, and it's number three for the year.  Not too shabby.
  4. I Hate Gas-- I do still hate buying gas, and it seems that I'm not alone.
  5. Tips for Frugal Gift Giving-- Solid advice penned by my friend Melissa, who is a much better gift-giver than me.  Thanks!!
  6.  Food Waste Friday: A Forest of Dill-- It seems I'm not the only one who struggles to use up dill.
  7. What to do With Quinoa-- I'm glad I've unpuzzled the mystery that is quinoa.  I think I might eat some more today.
  8. Food Waste Friday: Rotten Tomatoes-- It's hard to store tomatoes in a way that keeps them fresh and tasting good.  This is a constant struggle.
  9. Top Ten Reasons Not to Menu Plan--  This is another of my favorites and one of my most controversial posts.  I continue to not menu plan in the traditional way, and somehow life is still frugal and worth living.
  10. Food Waste Friday: Nothing-- Huzzah!
I guess for 2012, I'd better write more haiku--gotta give the people what they want.

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