Thursday, January 26, 2012


I feel like I'm too scatterbrained for a real post these days, so here are some random thoughts I've been having lately--mostly about food.

--Sometimes I fear that my ability to write legibly longhand is completely gone.  Then I started new job where it seems I spend a lot more time jotting things down.  Since then, either my handwriting has improved, or I'm just able to read it better.

--I made mashed potatoes the other day, and am still convinced that I make the best mashed potatoes in the world.  I've been eating mashed potatoes, magical elusive vegetables and Tofurky sausage every day for three days and I don't want to stop!  It kind of makes me feel like a 1950's farmer, and I like it.  Simple foods, you know, except that Tofurky, that's just a mystery.

--Speaking of Tofurky, do vegetarians really believe that these fake meat products taste like real meat?  It's been so long since I've had real meat, I don't actually remember the taste, but I don't think this stuff would pass muster.  I want my spicy black bean burger to taste like black beans, not beef, man.

--I had a doctor's appointment this week for Wednesday, and I went on Tuesday.  The girl at reception was completely baffled and then just said, "Sorry, you're here a day early."  I've never done that before, but what vexes me the most is that I could have walked to work!

--I have been wearing brightly colored tights at least two days a week, and I love it!  I'm going to be sad when it's all warm and I can't do that anymore.

--I have a 401k through new job, and I got to flip through a big book and decide where I want that money to be invested.  I found shopping for stocks, bonds and mutual funds much more fascinating than I thought I would (once I got over the initial terror), and I have a healthy mix of stocks, bonds and foreign currency markets.  Wish me luck!

--I want to get a tarp to cover my bike so I don't have to keep lugging it down to the basement, but I'm worried that that will be just as bad for it as leaving it in the rain.  What to do!?!  Any advice is appreciated.

--I picked up a four-hour per week shift at my old job while my boss (former? current? what do I call her now?) is on maternity leave, and I reassured another library where I fill in that I will still be able to work Sundays despite having a full-time job now.  Is it greed that makes me do this?  Hating to disappoint people?  Despite my now full time job, I'm still on the payroll of four libraries in Rhode Island.  I guess I'll just chalk it up to being loveable.

--I made a delicious lentil and barley soup in the crockpot the other day--just lentils, barley, spinach, one medium russet potato diced, vegetable bullion and spices (pepper flakes, salt, pepper, cumin, basil)  crockpotted on low for eight hours.  I've found that with lentil soup, it's good fresh, but even better after sitting in the fridge overnight.  Damn, it was tastey.
Not mine, just a picture from the internet--yummy!
--My boss gifted me a bottle of wine for xmas, and I am completely obsessed with it now.  I found a store close by that sells it for $12, and this is totally my new favorite wine.
Highly recommended, plus it has a cool label.

Anyone else have any recommendations, musings et al?  Let's share!


  1. A: How much water/lentils/barley did you use for this soup?

    B: As someone who eats meat but still loves veggie meat substitutes, the answer is no. They do not taste like real meat at all. For some of them, maybe a little bit of flavor wise they do, but the texture is just so way off. I think the world should regard them as a separate category, not calling them "meat substitutes" or "veggie chicken nuggets". Then meat eaters would be more open to eating them because instead of trying to "force" people to become "vegetarian (--oh the horror!) by imitating meat, these products would just be viewed as other food.

    C: Seriously, stop picking up extra work. It's okay to spend some time on yourself and learning to enjoy free time. Or at least just pick up work that can be done from home. Or the park. Or the beach.

  2. A: Approximately 2c cooked lentils, 1c cooked pearl barley, 5c water.

    C: yeah, yeah, yeah