Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Portions of Pretentious Food

We went to a new-to-us restaurant last night since it's restaurant week in Providence.  Since I'm a vegetarian, I always have to check the menu online beforehand, especially during restaurant week.  Of course, I could always order off the regular menu, but that defeats the specialness/fanciness of going out for restaurant week in the first place. I did that for this place, confirmed with bf that the menu represented foodstuffs that he would like to eat, and then we went out for a fancy date night.

Unfortunately, when we got to the restaurant, the menu was different than what we had seen online, and there was not a vegetarian entree.  No matter, there was a delightful sounding gnocchi on the regular menu, so I got that instead, along with a delicious winter vegetable salad and rice pudding with salted caramel for dessert.  All together, we had a lovely meal--three courses each, cocktails, and coffee.  Naturally the whole thing cost nearly $100.

Now that I'm working a normal schedule with normal people hours, I'm yearning to get out of the house and re-experience life in the worst way!  It's like I'm on vacation, hence, fancy date night.  I keep telling myself I need to reign it in, and I do, but maybe I focus on that a little harder starting in February...

Money disclosures from the past week:
I'm keeping the overpriced super warm running tights from Athleta, even though they are really, really silly looking.
Unflattering, but so warm!
We got our first snowfall this past week, and since no one in Providence shovels their sidewalks and I still want to be able to walk to work, I ordered my first pair of snow boots since elementary school.  Of course, they're predicting 46 degrees today, but no matter!  These boots will be an investment!

High fashion + non-slip sole
I bought a rearview mirror for my bike (safety first!) and some yaktrax for my running shoes.  I was on the fence about the yaktrax, but then I realized that I could wear them walking to work as well and not fear for my life!  Also, I've spent the last could days on the treadmill watching action films--like Transporter 3, or as I like to call it Gratuitious Jason Statham Shirtless movie (he uses his shirt as a fighting tool!).
I mean, my god.  I never before understood that phrase about grating cheese on abs.
But even with that to look at,  I still loathe the treadmill.
I need to get back to running outside--pronto.  There are only three Transporter movies, after all.  I guess for the next snowfall I can get that one where he runs around a lot?  Crank?

So yes, January is shaping up to be a rather indulgent month, but I'm also feeling quite zen because of all this yoga I'm doing (not really, but it sounds good, no?), so it'll be just fine,


  1. Crank was not nearly as good as the Transporter movies; but it still has Jason Statham in it so watch it! He is the only logical person on my "List" (remember the no-penality list from the show Friends?).

    And I want warm running tights, but I can't find any in my price range that fit. So until it is warmer, I'm still treadmill bound.

  2. Crank was silly fun, I don't recommend it, but it is watchable if you are in the right mood. Crank 2, however, is incredibly bad and very gross. I stopped it after 15 minutes.

  3. You mean Gratuitious Jason Statham Shirtless movie no. 3. I found that the second one was not as good as the first or the third. I own them all.

    I must be a boot girl, because I've had snowboots all my life.

  4. @SpyGirl, I think you spent more time outside than I did. I decided at a very early age that I was uninterested in the great outdoors, especially since winter gear is so unflattering. Now, I don't care at all.