Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Did The Math

I got my first paycheck from new job on Thursday, so today I actually figured out what my take-home pay is going to be (though I didn't factor in 401k deductions, cause I haven't set that up yet).  With dental, medical and union dues deducted, I am making $200 less per month than I was making with the two jobs.  Thank god I didn't go on a celebratory shopping binge (except for those beautiful boots).  But, I'm saving about $120/ week on gas, so I'm still coming out ahead.

Since starting this new job, we've been going more frequently to the nearby market, which is more expensive than my usual grocery store--at least it seems like it is.  I haven't done a receipt comparison, so I may just still be reeling from the increase in the cost of food, but I feel like we've been spending a TON on groceries lately.  The silver lining to this turn of events, is that they have the vegetables that I've been looking for for the past six months!

This is a rather silly story, but a while back, Steamfresh vegetables came out with a Chef's Favorite's line of frozen vegetables.  Since I consume a lot of frozen vegetables, I got very excited about this, and grabbed one of each.  I absolutely fell in love with the Lightly Seasoned Garlic Baby Peas and Mushrooms, but then I could never find it again.  They didn't have it at the Stop & Shop where I originally purchased it, and I looked all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts (the part of Massachusetts that's near Rhode Island), and could not find this stuff anywhere.

Elusive Vegetables
Finally, in desperation, I sent an email to the Bird's Eye company to ask where I could find the magical blend of vegetables, and they gave me a list of stores (within an hour of me sending the email--that's good customer service!).  I visited two on the list, and neither had what I wanted.  So, imagine how happy I was to find them in fancy, nearby grocery store last night!  I seriously am so relieved, you have no idea, but now I'm scared that they won't be as good as I remember.  I bought four bags.  I'll let you know.

Switching gears.

Purchase disclosure: I am keeping that coat from Old Navy.  It makes me look awfully silly since it comes to mid-calf, but I'd rather look silly while warm than stylishly freeze to death.

I also placed an order with Athleta (again).  I don't know what the hell it is about that site!  It's not my style, but I think I'm subconsciously emulating a girl I went to elementary school with who is really sporty and wears sportyish casual clothes and looks totally cute and put together all the time.  Except I don't live the kind of life that requires sportyish casual clothes!  Anyway, I bought a pair of running tights where the model was skiing, and they promise to be quite warm (if overpriced).  I'll try them out, and return them if I don't like them (don't worry, Athleta lets you do that--and I'll wash them).
This model is clearly warm and toasty--and overpriced
tights are still cheaper than a gym membership
Other than that possibly ridiculous purchase, my biggest expenses of the past week have been groceries, household staples from Target and gas.  I'm keeping myself in line!


  1. I can understand the vegetable thing. Over Christmas in Michigan, I discovered Rye with Caraway Seed flavored Triscuits. "Discovered" meaning we bought one box because we needed a snack and then I went back and bought 7(!) more boxes because it was a flavor I've never seen here (and still haven't).
    I was nice and gave 2 to my mom...but now I'm down to only 3 unopened boxes and I'm starting to worry...

    I think the time has come to start asking grocery stores to carry this flavor. Repeatedly as them. The three stores in town, plus the one near my mom and the ones near meetings in Warwick and Cranston...

  2. Is that girl skiing in a skirt? I so wish I didn't know that...I want a ski skirt! If the tights aren't warm, Patagonia makes warm undergear and the quality is good.

  3. She is! I don't ski, but I totally want a snow-shoeing skirt. This is why I get into such trouble with sporty clothes! I love snow-shoeing, but I've only gone once in the last ten years, so I don't *really* need an outfit for it...

  4. I cross-country ski (well, maybe I'll get to go again if this winter ever acts normal), and if I could ski in a skirt, that would just make it so much better!!!