Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taking Steps

As stated in my monthly goals post, I am not going to buy new clothes for the month of October.  Long time readers of this blog may remember that when I make blanket statements like, for instance, February is a No-Buy month, I fail miserably and quickly.  No why bother making these grand pronouncements?  I've got plans, people.

Like any addiction, I'm taking this one day at a time and implementing rules:
  1. No checking Modcloth's website several times a day like it's a gossip blog.
  2. Unsubscribe from Old Navy emails
  3. Whenever I feel the urge to purchase, I will turn instead to my closet FULL of clothes, and remix an outfit.
  4. Whenever I feel the urge to approach a store, I will remember "The Ugly Incident" from this past Sunday when I went to the mall to return something to Old Navy (return!), and oh so innocently went into New York & Company just to see what was up.
The Ugly Incident:
New York & Company had a giant sign up in their doorway pronouncing that every shopper who entered the store on that day would get a scratch off card.  Scratching off the card reveals the percentage of savings you get on one item--up to 60%.  I was having a chat with the girl handing out cards when an older woman approached, and completely interrupted us.

"So if this is already 60% off and I get 60% off from you, then this is basically free?"

The sales associate reminded her that she could save up to 60% off, but would have to scratch off the card to find out her savings.

"Oh, so you lied then."

The woman went right from interrupting us, to accusing this poor girl of lying in less than 30 seconds--and she's obviously stupid if she thinks two 60% off coupons means you get 120% off.  I wanted to yell at her, but it wasn't my fight (and the sales associate was doing pretty well without me---go you!).

For the rest of the month, I will remember that stores are full of ugly people and I don't want to be around them.  I purposely went to the mall on a Sunday because I hoped that I would come out irritated and turned off--and it worked!

This also fits in well with my other two goals.  In order to run 100 miles this month, I have to do a lot of running which renders me too tired to shop.  Also, goal number two, Don't be such a spaz, means that I'll be using my downtime in rewarding  and fulfilling ways and will not need to shop to fill a void.  Win/win, everyone's a winner.


  1. I love Modcloth, it's so addicting.

    And I used to work in retail, talk about being stressed all the time from annoying customers. I had people say stuff like the 60% plus 60% thing all the time! It's crazy that people are that dumb.

  2. Oh, people can be so obnoxious. Whoever invented "the customer is always right" clearly never worked in customer service.

    ModCloth is responsible for much of my current financial predicament. But they are also responsible for many of my cutest outfits. So it's a draw, really.

  3. Yeah, it's not their fault, I just need to know my limits.