Friday, October 28, 2011

My New Obsession

I invented a recipe two days ago that I can't stop thinking about.

It's officially fall here in New England, which means that the foliage is off the chain, and all I want to do is eat soup, sip tea and gaze longingly out a window while reading a Gothic novel.
I took this when I was out for a run the other day--gorgeous!
Naturally, the window of my office overlooks a parking lot and the back of a sushi restaurant, so I haven't been indulging this longing--but I will!  I'll just find another window.  What I have been doing, however, is coming up with new ways to eat barley, as I often do, and I've hit upon a winner--big time.

I made up a batch of barley in the crock pot the other day (1c pearl barley, 2c water, heat on high for ~3 hours), and I needed something to do with it.  Enter: Frozen vegetables.  BF and I eat a lot of those pre-made frozen vegetable bags because 
  1. He can't cook and refuses to learn (he's a scientist, says he has to keep his mind uncluttered so he can focus on science).
  2. I work 50 hours a week plus commuting and want to spend my limited downtime squeezing my cat and/or watching Friday Night Lights instead of chopping vegetables.
  3. These bags allow you to get a variety of vegetables without having to buy like seven different kinds and then stress yourself out trying to figure out what to do with them.
What I did, was take the cooked barley and mixed it with Steamfresh Asian Vegetable Blend:
So good!
Add a wee bit of olive oil, a dash of salt and a few small squirts of sriracha sauce and you have a delicious lunch and dinner that I've been eating for the last two days and will be having again just as soon as I'm hungry.

It cost about $2 for a big bag of barley, so I guess I used about $.20 worth, and the bag of veg was $2.  This makes about three servings at $.75 each.  So awesome.

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