Sunday, October 9, 2011

Podcast Link Love

  • A friend of mine has been doing a podcast--The Past Forward Podcast-- for a few months, and he asked me to contribute!  If you want to hear Nate and I talk about our convoluted friendship, the Midwest, travel, librarianship and much more!--check it out.
  • Color Me Katie breathes some new, and cute, life into an old pair of shoes.
  • I love Serendipity's "Why Should I Tip?" series
  • Making Sense of Cents posted a link to a super-handy budget calculator.  I have my budget categories all sorted (kinda), but it's always handy to revisit and tweak the numbers, especially since I would like to save more and be less frivolous.
  • One of my favorite blogs--There, I Fixed it--does Historical Thursday posts where they reexamine some of the hilarious and brilliant innovations of the past.  This one, Crazy Cookery Creations is the most interesting thing I've seen in quite a while.

This is a machine that allows you to dunk your donut in a cup of coffee and then take a bite of it without having to get your hands dirty--Genius!
  • Need to dump your bank now that the fees are coming?  Here's a list of a few big banks and what their fees are.  My opinion--just go to ING.  On a personal note, I'd just like to add:  Bank of America, you are an asshole, and these new fees are just going to make people stop using you.  My two banks don't charge me any fees, one gives me free check blanks and $.10 every time I use my debit card, and the other actually has one of the best rates on my savings account.  Since tax dollars saved you from going under, it's really, really in poor form to turn around and add on a bunch of extra fees just so your shareholders can continue to earn a tidy profit.  This is going to cost you in the long run.

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