Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-up and November Goals

Sad but true
Remember last month when I said that I was going to run 100 miles in the month of October?  Well, it was a good month.  I smashed my goal of 100 miles and actually ran 114, which is an average of 28.5 per month--the most I've ever run!  Like a fine wine, I am getting better with age.

In addition to being awesome at sport, I was also pretty awesome about not buying clothes, despite encountering temptation seemingly every day.  I stuck it out (except for those pants)!  I feel good, either way.

I kind of failed at my weekly remixing, but I'll keep that up on a semi regular basis--I promise.  I feel like the remixing is making me a bit aware of how bland my wardrobe is, and it makes me anxious that I'm going to subliminally use that as an excuse to shop.  My life and the lives of those who have to look at me would all be greatly improved by the addition of new skirts and colorful tights to my wardrobe, no?  Then I remind myself that I'm running out of hangers, which brings me to a November and life goal.

Goal 1: One in/ one out.

I am not buying any more hangers.  I am not.  Presently, I don't actually know if I have enough for the clothes I own, because through the wearing/ washing rotation things get moved around.  So I'm putting my foot down to myself that I may not buy anything new unless I'm prepared to get rid of something else.  If I don't have anything I want to get rid of, then I must have all I need, right?  Note: I'm not going to count all the closet culling as an excuse to go buy new duds--promise!

I just got notice that my car insurance is due in December (why do I always forget!?!?!), so I have to spend more money than I would like on that.

Goal 2: Scrabble together enough money for six months of car insurance.

If you pay them twice a year instead of every month, you save money.  In my case, about $60.  That's enough for a cute dress from Modcloth, which makes the twice-a-year pain totally worth it.

Goal 3: Put any and all extra cash toward student loans and IRA.

I'm never going to pay off my student loans, because even if I gave them everything I could, the amount is just too high.  Plus, I have the added bonus that when I finally find a full time job, it will be at a qualified non-profit which entitles me to loan forgiveness after ten years.  What I would like, however, is to pay off as much of that stupid interest as I can.  Every dollar I pay toward interest is also a dollar that is tax-deductible, so this can be my end-of-year push for a nice-sized tax deduction.

For the IRA, since it's a Roth IRA, I can only put in $5000 per year at most.  I'm nowhere near that, but should get as close as I comfortably can so I can take advantage of that compound interest!


  1. I don't understand. Twice a year is every six months.

  2. eep! Yeah, that's a typo. I meant every month--changing it now...