Monday, November 7, 2011

Addicted to Seltzer?

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I like to think that I'm impervious to advertising.  I'm not, but I still like to think that in the hopes that it will one day be true.  Overall, I do do pretty well in that area.  I've mentioned before that the thrill of gadgetry holds no appeal for me; I don't get excited about a lot of expensive snack foods and I pretty much never go into expensive clothing stores (though that might be a problem, but I'm still trying to figure that all out).  I take a lot of online surveys that usually deal with products I would never buy, and I scoff inwardly at the fact that people would waste their hard-earned cash on something so silly--but then I found myself in this odd predicament.

I just read the book Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety by Sacha Scoblic, which is a memoir about alcoholism, which contains no advertising of any kind.  Except when the author stops drinking and mentions how hard it is to get a seltzer at a party, I started craving seltzer.  I guess this isn't a bad thing--seltzer is pretty cheap--$1.65 for a six-pack, but that's not as cheap as the non-seltzer water that I typically drink, but I'm also kind of digging the carbonation.

Overall, I'm not displeased at this turn of events, just baffled.  Going the seltzer route may even save me money in the long run because possibly I'll drink less beer(?)  I did invent a frugal cocktail the other day-- the boxed wine spritzer.  One part boxed sangria (about $10 for a 5-liter box) to one part some kind of seltzer (I think I used cranberry lime)--fizzy delight in a cup!

So maybe I'm not as impervious to advertising or suggestion as I think, or maybe my body was just really craving carbonation--who knows, but I'll just go with it and see if the mania dies down, or if I become that girl who brings her own seltzer to parties.


  1. I'm a bit (big) seltzer addict. I have gotten better at not buying it all the time. I'm not allowed to buy the cans though; I could drink 4 a day.

    I know it's still not really good for your teeth, but I don't drink soda (too sweet) and I like bubbles!

    Don't buy the new Cinnamon flavor Polar tastes like Potpourri. Vanilla, blueberry and grapefruit are all quite tasty though!

  2. Eggnog seltzer?! Who knew? I do so love eggnog in season, but even the light version is a calorie-bomb. Wonder if Polar exports all the way to Tampa?

    Thanks for the reminder of carbonated alternatives to diet sodas - yes, sometimes a gal needs the flavor & fizz that plain water just can't give ya!

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