Monday, November 28, 2011

Remix Round Six: Shorty

This dress was my first-ever purchase from Modcloth:
Sci-Fi Heroine Dress
Totally cute, totally interesting to look at, totally too short. I wore it a couple time with leggings, but it was just so, so short that I never felt comfortable in it; plus, I have the kind of legs that just don't look good in leggings, so I still want to conceal them.  I finally reached the conclusion that this dress is just not a dress for me, but it is a shirt.  The only problem with that conclusion, is that this shirt has an elastic band really, really high.  It doesn't look like it in the picture, but it's right below the boobs.

I've contemplated for a while trying to shorten the skirt to make some kind of tunic, but the fabric is slippery nylon and hard to sew, so I fretted that I'd make this already unwearable dress even more unwearable.  I've come up with two potential solutions to this issue, and I now put it to the group for some feedback.

Exhibit A:

Sci-Fi Heroine Dress with high-waist interlock skirt from American Apparel
Disregard the tights--and the wrinkles
Exhibit B:

Sci-Fi Heroine Dress with High-Waist Grey Flannel Shorts
I'm not sure how I feel about the second outfit.  Could be cute, but also could be construed as "wacky" and that really drives me nuts.

Thoughts?  Or should I just give up and try to hem it?

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  1. Well, maybe this is because I am generally considered "a little wacky", but I like the second ensemble, including the tights! With accessories it will be fab! Both looks are useful though!