Sunday, November 20, 2011

Really?!?!? Link Love

This is very cool.  Instead of building a bridge over a body of water--build a trench through it! Obviously this wouldn't work on a tidal river or a body of water that changes depth frequently--but I still think it's pretty cool.

No doubt everyone has heard that the US Congress this week declared that the tomato paste on pizza counts as a vegetable.  I'm glad that I'm technically a grownup, because I feel like kids today don't have a chance anymore.  If you can't count on your school to provide a balanced, healthy meal according to what's actually healthy, then what are you supposed to do?  What kid is going to seek out broccoli because he feels like he's not getting enough fiber?  Anyway, Seth Meyers and Kermit The Frog say it better than I could.

I'm finally using Pintrest.  Right now, I'm mostly posting pics of vintage fashion and animals doing cool things, but I may expand my repertoire some day... Maybe...

Bunny Dressage!


  1. The pizza-as-vegetable thing sounds fine to me. But I also consider pumpkin pie a day's worth of fruits/veg so I'm not one to talk.