Friday, November 25, 2011

Food Waste Friday: I'm Throwing Out the Coleslaw

In between eating up leftovers to clear out fridgespace for more leftovers, and then eating a feast so decadent I never want to eat again, I have decided to pull the plug on the coleslaw.  It's just cold enough out that I do not want to eat it, and it's been in the fridge for like a month.  Plus, I double-checked with, and they tell me that coleslaw only lasts five days refrigerated, so, yeah.

Thanks to everyone who gave slaw-related advice--next time, I'll do better.


  1. I think we'll all feel better when the coleslaw is gone. We don't want you to get sick.

  2. I love the thought that there's a whole bunch of people out there hoping I'll throw out coleslaw. That makes me feel so special!