Saturday, October 15, 2011


A mere FOUR DAYS after my triumphant 10 days without buying clothes post, I faced a wicked temptation that all began in the strangest way.

 I was at work, at the public library, wearing a rather plain but exquisitely comfortable outfit when an old man told me that I looked like a nun.  A nun.  Aside from Maria in the Sound of Music, I don't even know what nuns looks like, but I know that that's not what I was going for.

I wasn't even wearing black!
Naturally, my shock prompted me to take to facebook and exclaim:
An old man just told me that he thought I was a nun. Umm, this skirt is from American Apparel, guy, that's not nun-wear. Harrumph
This prompted a comment-debate between my friends finally culminating in me showing them the outfit I was wearing and getting feedback on its level of nun-ness.

This Skirt

With this V-Neck Tee, except mine is lighter blue

And, of course, I was wearing a cardigan, because it gets chilly in the library. 

Certainly this was not my most colorful or interesting outfit, but I hardly think it's nun-like.  What do you guys think?

The part where the temptation comes in, is when I went online to find a picture of the skirt I was wearing, and realized that American Apparel is having a sale-- a really good sale.  On sale, along with dozens of other things I want to wear are: brightly colored tights (which I've already mentioned I need to wear more of), solid colored sweater vests (which I've been looking for for years!), and the magical skirt pictured above.  I already own that skirt in navy, black and brown because it's sensible to buy a lot of neutral colors, but it's on sale for $16 and for that price I'd be a fool not to get red and green and possibly white and then I could dye it!

So last night, I spent a significant amount of time adding things to my shopping basket, feeling horribly guilty as I pictured that angry red line on my account that says I have overspent on my clothes budget.  So I stopped.  The clothes are still in my shopping basket, but I will not purchase them.

For the rest of the month, this blog may read a bit like a clothes AA meeting, but I'm trying to stay strong!  I've reached the halfway point--15 more days to go.

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  1. Why do sales pop up at exactly the wrong time (i.e. when trying to save money, instead of when you have a gift card)? Stay strong!

    Remember, library patrons are messed up. One time, one of my co-workers was asked "Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?" Why do people feel they can critique librarians' outfits? Seriously.