Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February is over?

I think I can safely say that February is one of the worst months I've had in a long time. Coming immediately on the heels of my stupid car repair were two bouts of sickness, which left me down for the count and housebound for far too long. The upshot of all this illness, is that I spent very little money, and lost a little weight--hooray for appetite loss!

Looking back on my February goals, I did spectacularly.
  1. Keep refilling savings account: Done and done. I have been putting 70% of job #2's paychecks into savings and have not taken anything out. I'm right on track
  2. Call Student Loan People: Did that, got some good news and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.
  3. Retirement account: I set up my direct deposit from job #2 to put 3% of income into my new retirement account. I think I'm up to $30 by this point. It's a laughable amount, but it's mine!
  4. Taxes: I filed my federal taxes online for free and since I have to pay up, I told the IRS to take the money out of my savings account April 1st. Though it pains me to pay in, I should be getting back a little from the state due to clever use of the 1040-H form (still need to file state). I certainly cannot take credit for knowing how to use this form, however, I tried to do my taxes on my own and nearly had a panic attack. So I imposed on a much smarter-than-me friend, who fixed me right up while I drank her tea and ogled her adorable toddler. Friends rule.
As far as the no-buy month, this one was a bit of a fail, but not as bad as other times I've attempted it. I did buy clothes, again, but I reigned myself in considerably, and got some serious deals. Also, all month long I've been yearning to buy a new pair of jeans since I recently discovered my go-to pair are getting a lovely hole in the crotch. Because I was feeling pretty good about myself after my post-sickness weigh in, I went through the jeans I already have in my closet. Turns out there's a pair that I forgot I have, and that I like even better than the ones I wore out! If it hadn't been for the no-buy month, I would have just gone to the Gap and bought a pair of jeans, now I don't have to.

I'll come up with some March goals and post those up tomorrow. How did you do this February?

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