Friday, March 4, 2011

March Goals

A little late this month--this blasted sickness is still sucking all my energy, but I'm slowly climbing out of the abyss of illness. Or, in less emo terms, feeling a little better each day. I am officially skint after last month's car repair, and though I know my emergency fund exists to get me out of situations like this, I've been working too hard to build it back up just to empty it out again. So for the month of March, I'm eating from the pantry.

I have a pretty good cache of staples, so I'm going to eat my way through them over the course of the month and spend as little as possible on groceries. Certainly I'll still need produce, milk and eggs, but I'm going to use my ingenuity to make the bulk of my meals with things I already have on hand. To that end, I made up two (dry) cups of barley in the crock pot this morning. I'm freezing half for future prep ease, and making the other half into a stir fry tonight. After that, I have a butternut squash I'm going to make into soup, tuna for my lunch sandwiches, plenty of ingredients for frittatas and split peas for soup after I'm done with the butternut. I'm getting hungry thinking of all the food options I have, to be honest, and that's a pretty good feeling.

Certainly saving a bit on groceries won't be terribly significant, but it will help.

Other goals: The standard savings account refilling project, and now that it's finally warmer and gas prices are about $3.35/ gallon, I'm going to walk everywhere I go in town, and try to not spend more than my budgeted $100/month for gas.

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