Monday, April 16, 2012

How Frugal is a Springtime Cold?

I know I'm not the only one out there who has been felled by what seems to be an interminable spring cold.  It seems like the entire state of Rhode Island is down for the count, and as this sickness drags on and on, I'm forced to examine to positives and negatives as they relate to personal finance.

Negative: So. Much. Kleenex.  BF and I were both sick last weekend, and somehow I'm the lucky one who is still sick.  We've gone through tons of kleenex and toilet paper, and my nose is completely raw.

Positive: Lack of appetite/energy.  I've been pretty un-hungry and incredibly sluggish therefore, I haven't really gone to the grocery store or eaten out.  I even had to blow off drinks with friends on Saturday because I'm a total snot factory.  Sad, but thrifty.

Positive: Free Vitamin C!  A friend of mine had bought this Emergen-C stuff because it's supposed to help with elasticity and connectivity on the muscles of people who work out a lot.  Turns out, it tastes like pure evil.  She could barely choke down a cup, and when she asked if I wanted it, I though how bad can it be?  It is awful.  Drinking it is like a punch in the mouth.  BUT, it has 1000% RDA of vitamin C, and I'm too stuffed up to taste it!  I've been guzzling this every morning, and yes, I'm still sick, but it can't really hurt anything.  I'm also making an effort to eat up the other foods around the house that I don't really like--like that low-sodium soup.
Don't buy this unless you hate yourself
Negative: Online Shopping.  I still have enough energy to shop online, and in the past week, I've purchased a pair of shoes, an anorak and compression socks--but these are all things I need!
I don't have a raincoat!  I need one!
Positive: Paid Sick Time.  If this was last year, I would not only lose money by calling out sick, but I would likely be badgered into making that time up before I was well again.  This time, I called my boss, said I'm sick, and I still get paid the same.  There are no words for how awesome that is.

All totaled, this springtime cold is actually rather frugal.  It's a shame that I have to feel so lousy to save money, but it's nice to have a positive spin to put on things.  I'll get back on track with more regular posting once my eyes/nose/ears/sinuses are back to normal.


  1. I love the idea of eating things you hate while you are sick and can't taste them. Now I know what to do with the can of green beans I bought while thinking it was corn.

  2. Yeah, man. It's the best way to avoid food waste. Unless it's something that you have the texture of, you might as well eat it while you're sick.